Walda van der Heijden-Mees (1955) is originally an arts and craft-teacher and has specialised in sculpting in clay and wax (ceramic and bronze).  The subjects she chooses to portray: mostly birds (of prey), horses and people, subjects that touch her either because of  their beauty, or because of the emotions they evoke, like 'freedom' or 'strength'.

Walda works mainly figurative. With the 'open bronzes' she tries to show only those elements of the subject  that are necessary to summon the overall picture in the contemplaters mind.

She is inspired by  the sketches of Rembrandt ('simple' lines that capture the essence), Auguste Rodin, Kees Verkade, Theresia van der Pant and others.


The painting here shows Walda at the age of 5, painted by her grandfather Herman Mees (1880-1964  www.HermanMees.exto.org ).